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What We Offer
  1. Periodic Inventory
    Inventory is taken to correct on-hand counts, so that every time a customer is ready to buy, you know what you have in stock. We ensure quick and accurate results every time, guaranteeing results that will boost your sales and lower your costs.
  2. Fixed Asset Inventory
    Do you loan assets of value to an entity or group, without a way to monitor and maintain them? Most small businesses today have no way to effectively track their holdings, resulting in unimaginable losses, taxes, fees, and expenses. Protect your property today!
  3. Buy/Sell Inventory
    Buy/Sell Agreements require an accurate inventory of assets before the sale can take place. Taking advantage of this service means you won't be paying for long gone inventory and assets.
  4. POS Start-Up
    Advanced Inventory manages the entire start-up process for you – from initial inventory entry to a final follow-up. We create custom Inventory Control Plans to meet your specific business needs.
  5. Barcode Implementation
    You need to be able to fully control your inventory. Barcode implementation can help you reach that goal. When it is done correctly, you will boost your sales and lower your costs, making every step of your day to day processes increasingly easier.
  6. Price/Sign Verification
    To be successful, you must be able to pinpoint discrepancies in retail prices between your shelves and your Point of Sale system. Many states have severe penalties for incorrect pricing. Take steps today to show your customers that they can trust you.
Who We Are​​
   Advanced Inventory Management offers specialty inventory solutions for reasonable prices. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver extraordinary service with accurate results. We strive to accommodate your unique business needs through custom reports.


Susan Clarke, President of Advanced Inventory, decided in 2006 to leave a large inventory corporation after a lifetime career and began her own specialized inventory company. More than just a business owner, she seeks to build personal relationships with each of her customers.  She continues to strive for perfection, and the best service in Colorado.

Advanced Inventory offers a variety of inventory services to fit your needs and your budget.  Our reporting works seamlessly with most POS systems. Contact us today at (720) 939-5463, and share your unique situation with our inventory experts. We look forward to helping your business become more successful.
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Customizable Reports
Results are at the core of what we do.  No matter the reason for your inventory, we will deliver customizable reports tailored to your specific business needs.​​​  Below are just several examples of reports we are able to produce for you.​​
Variance by SKU
Totals by SKU @ Retail
Totals by SKU @ Cost
Totals of Categories by Section
Cost-Calculated Totals​
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"Advanced Inventory  has shown themselves to be ethical and professional. They have returned all phone calls and answered all questions quickly and accurately. The customer service has been excellent. 

They took it upon themselves to evaluate our automation, make the necessary changes, work with the programmers and train the personnel at the store on preparing for inventory and making changes to the data.

When I originally contacted another service, we were not a large enough account for them to accommodate our needs. Advanced Inventory took our account with minimal time to prepare and handled everything. This exceeded my expectations on such short notice.

I highly recommend Advanced Inventory  to meet your inventory needs. "

" I wanted to thank you and your staff for assisting me with my inventory the past two years!!... Looking forward to seeing you next year."  - 

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer my recommendation for Advanced Inventory...Our company was looking for assistance implementing an inventory cycle count program and streamlining our year-end physical inventory process,

They showed us how we could benefit from barcode reading capability that Advanced Inventory offers to improve the recording of our inventory counts. By utilizing their work force, we could keep our own employees working on production....

They have always provided a staff that is neat, courteous and cooperative. I have been more than satisfied with the accuracy and efficiency of their work.

...I would recommend Advanced Inventory to anyone in need of inventory specialists..

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